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LIS3DH high-pass filter not working

Question asked by schilken.robert on Mar 16, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2016 by Alexander P.
At work I am using the LIS3DH accelerometer to detect body motion.  It is configured for +/-2 gs, 50 samples per second, with Streaming FIFO.  The watermark works fine for determining when the FIFO needs to be emptied. 

The specification says that all three XY&Z axis can be high-pass filtered using CTRL_REG2 (address 0x21), but documentation is not totally clear.  I'm writing 0x11 to the filter register with no luck.   HPM1-HPM0 are set to 1, 0.  The cut off frequency bits are set to 0, 0 which should give a 1Hz cutoff at 50 samples per second. 

Hopefully someone has documentation on configuring the high-pass filter that I do not.  Or someone has successfully implemented the filter and can tell me what they used.