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M24LR64 Multi-Bank Problem

Question asked by die.jay on Nov 27, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2015 by NFC/RFID ST Support

I have a problem with writing to the memory via I2C.

Background info:
1.I can read and write via NFC with the CR95HF Board from/to the memory. 
2. If I want to get the system info of the M24LR64 it says: "8013000F041FF177132C02E0B000FF07032CFFFF03  03 -> CRC HS (expected=965C)" and doesn't give any answer. (I don't know if it it important for my problem)

The Problem:
If I communicate via I2C I get the ACK bit of the slave, that it received the data. But the data is not stored correctly (I can see it if I read out the memory via NFC). The data is stored at the right place, but not correct.

For example the memory 0000 is 00 00 00 00 and I write FF FF FF FF to it. Then I read it out via NFC and there is 800800FFFFFFFFFFFF03 instead of FF FF FF FF. 
If the memory 0000 is FF FF FF FF and I write FF FF FF FF there is no problem. 

I hope someone can help me out. 

best regards and sorry for my english