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false wake-up under low threshold

Question asked by savoy.pavan on Mar 9, 2015
I was able to get the 6d movement detection working and below I have the register configurations that I've done.

My application logic is to configure for normal fifo mode and after a certain application delay switch to configuring for 6d movement detection,
on movement configure it back to fifo mode.
On reconfiguring the accel to 6d movement, when full-scale is set to +/-2g and the THS set to 4, 
I see false wake-ups everytime when the accelerometer is configured for wake-up,
because of this an accel generates an interrupt as soon as it is configured for 6d movement even when the accel is resting on a table.
(Although I understand the THS is low, I'm pretty sure there is no movement big enough to cause wake-up).
However, this cycle goes on for about an hour and then the configuration from fifo mode to 6d movement detection works fine.

REG1 0x20 = 0x27
REG2 0x21 = 0x01
REG3 0x22 = 0x40
REG4 0x23 = 0x88
REG5 0x24 = 0x05
REG6 0x25 = 0x20

INT1_CFG 0x30 = 0x7f
INT1_THS 0x32 = 0x04
INT1_DUR 0x33 = 0x00

So, my observation is that when the accel X,Y,Z has varied a lot (due to activity) configuration of 6d movement with low threshold seems to cause false wake-ups.
Please suggest on this.