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STM32Cube™ extended to support STM32F2 MCUs

Question asked by Amel N Employee on Apr 8, 2014
STMicroelectronics Extends STM32Cube™ Development Platform to Support Market-Proven STM32 F2 Microcontrollers



STMicroelectronics has released a further set of middleware for its STM32Cube™ development platform announced in February, allowing developers to target STM32 F2 120MHz ARM® Cortex®-M3 microcontrollers.
STM32Cube is currently available for the STM32 F2 and F4 series and further releases will roll out during 2014, extending support to all STM32 devices.

Developers can quickly generate initialization code for their applications using The STM32CubeMX graphical configuration tool.

For further information and to download STM32Cube free of charge, please visit

STM32CubeF2 Press Release