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L6480: Power & Comm problem

Question asked by smith.howard.001 on Aug 21, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2014 by Enrico Poli
I'm currently experiencing a problem in which I cannot get the L6480 device to communicate - I think this may be due to a device power up fault but I was hoping someone on here could help!

I've attached a simplified version of the circuit diagram, outlining the power connections that I've made in my design - if I've made any mistakes with the power connections then please let me know! The host device is an 8 bit Atmel AVR device (ATmega32A), and I'm working with +5V logic and a motor supply of +24V.

I measured the voltages on the power pins to be:
VS          - +24V
VBOOT     - +24V
VSREG     - +24V
VCC     - +2V5 (!?)
VCCREG     - +3V3
VREG     - +3V3
VDD     - +5V

I think the device is still in 'power-up' condition as VCC is below the minimum as stated in section 6.1 of the datasheet, and also the 2MHz signal coming from the OSCOUT pin is neither a square wave or a sine wave which I would have assumed it would be?
I've attached an image of the actual signal from an oscilloscope which shows the waveform that I'm getting.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!!!