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Purchase of SPC560 MCU

Question asked by Mike on Apr 6, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2015 by teske.james
Hello Members,
I am trying to purchase 10 SPC560D40L3 MCU for building my product prototype. I tried placing the order with ST. I was directed to ST vendor. Even after accepting a lead time of 24 weeks, I am unable to get any clear communication from either ST or vendor for the arrival of the MCU devices. Has anyone tried to buy this or any other SPC560 MCU? What is your experience? I am worried for the production time because if the MCUs are not getting available on time, this may hamper my product launch.

I even tried to book few samples for this MCU but there also no clear communication from ST and hence decided to go for purchase.

Has anyone experienced similar for SPC560 series MCU? Any suggestion or help in this regard will be highly appreciated.