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PICO/iClass card not responding to CR95HF

Question asked by Steyn.Gerry on Nov 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2017 by walker.charles
I only need to get the UID of a iClass card. According to the IS15693 specification, it is MANDATORY for the card to respond to the INVENTORY command.
After the card is detected, I set the chip to this protocol format:
0x01 0x09
0x01 is ISO15693 protocol
0x09 is 26Kbps, Wait for SOF, 100% modulation, Single sub carrier, Append CRC.

Then I send the INVENTORY command:
0x26 0x01 0x00        // ISO15693 spec, table 1,5 and 9
0x26 is the flags:
Bit 1: Sub-carrier flag = 0
Bit 2: Data rate flag = 1
Bit 3: Inventory flag = 1
Bit 4: Protocol extension = 0
Bit 5:AFI flag = 0
Bit 6: Nb slots flag = 1
Bit 7: Options flag =0
Bit 8: 0
0x01 is the INVENTORY command
0x00 is the length of the mask, no mask used.

I have another ISO15693 card, and it responds in the correct manner to this request.
What needs to be different for the iClass card?

Please help.