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offset error in LSM303D

Question asked by erickson.karl on Jun 24, 2013
I have a design with the LSM303D e-Compass and 3D accelerometer.  When we calibrate the accelerometer, we are frequently seeing zero-g level offset corrections greater than the +/-60 milli-g typical value specified in the datasheet.

Most assemblies that we calibrate are coming in around +/-60 milli-g in the X and Y directions, but we sometimes see numbers in excess of +/-120 milli-g in the Z direction.  Is the +/-60 milli-g specification intended to be a +/-1-sigma range?  +/-2-sigma?  Some other range?

In the design, the part operates with a 3.0V supply.  How might one expect the offset accuracy to change with a 20% change from the nominal supply voltage?