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NucleoF4_BlueNRG_Shield sample app, can't set breakpoints

Question asked by pomeroy.robert on Jan 2, 2015
Can't set breakpoints in sample BlueNRG application.  Am running on two STM32F411 Nucleo boards with BlueNRG shields and IAR EWARM  Program downloads and runs according to the docs (press user button and see LED light up on other board, both ways) but I am not able to set breakpoints anywhere in main.c.
Here's what I've tried so far:

1) Set optimizations to "None" , found original setting at "High"
2) Moved STMicroelectronics  folder from "C:\Program Files (x86)" to "C:\Projects\X - Misc\BTLE"
3) Changed Device to "ST STM32F411RE" to reflect exact micro on Nucleo board.
4) Used STM32 ST-Link Utility to update firmware.

Another clue: I have "Run to main" set.  Disassembler shows app at main: but source level debugger not showing location at main() in main.c.

No matter what I do, the app still downloads and runs but I can't set a breakpoint in main.c