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unable to use SPI interface

Question asked by p.ben on Jun 7, 2013
I am trying to access the LSM330DLC devie using the SPI interface without luck. I have religiously tried to follow instructions in the part data sheet to read the WHO_AMI_G register but the there is no output on the SDO pin of the part when I perform a read over the SPI port. Here is how I have setup the part:
* running the SPI clock at 3 Mhz
* CS_G set low and CS_A set high

Is there anything obvious I am missing?

Also, I am trying to figure out the location of the source code for  iNEMO LI3 engine LITE. The online page for the resource on the STM website has a PDF for no source code. Can somebody point me to where I can find the code?

Thanks in advance!