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IDB003V1 EEPROM usage

Question asked by kovyazin.rustam on Dec 17, 2014
I write my configuration data to internal EEPROM of CPU. I place my configuration data from the very beginning of EEPROM: at address 0x08080000.
  • If I read EEPROM content immediately after writing then I see written values.
  • If I unplug device and plug it back to USB port then it seems to be in DFU mode: LED is blinking and my application is not started. However it is not DFU mode exactly because I cannot program FLASH by BlueNRG GUI application.
  • If I unplug device and plug it back again then my application is started but EEPROM content at address 0x08080000 is zero. All other bytes of my configuration are the same as were programmed but the first byte (0x08080000) is zero.
Is EEPROM content used during boot before my application is started? I have not found document which describes such EEPROM usage.