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SPC5Studio 3.4.1 is available !

Question asked by Erwan Y Employee on Feb 6, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2015 by noel.philippe.001
SPC5Studio 3.4.1 is available !

Dear Users,

The 3.4.1 release is now available on the update site.

- Formatted text boxes disrupt layout
- List Properties headers not updated automatically
- Editors synchronization error
- Configurator dirty state has quirks
- Text Boxes behavior
- uOSEK and DLT does not compile
- Component selection dialog : some compatible

- SPC560Dxx OS-Less IRQ test Applications for Discovery

- SPC56ECxx/SPC564Bxx specific model properties: wrong default value
- The incorrect registers bits definitions and driver data structures and types in hal_lld.h head file

               Best regards