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LSM303DLHC DRDY interrupt difficulties

Question asked by Miles on Apr 23, 2013

I'm trying to bring up an LSM303DLHC and I'm having trouble getting any form of interrupt out of the device.

I've taken an STEVAL-MKI119v1 and removed the MKI108v2 and jumpered it to my I2C bus.  I have Vdd and VddA wired to a 3.3v source.  I can communicate over I2C with no trouble.  I can read the OUT_ regs and they seem to have reasonable looking data.

I've set the device to sample at 30Hz.  I'd like to have it generate an interrupt on either DRDY or INT1 (or INT2) whenever new data is available. From looking at the MKI119v1 user docs (which contain the MKI108v2 schematics) there do not appear to be any pull-ups required on the interrupt pins.  It also seems that DRDY is wired to T3 though its unclear whether the R9 is populated with a 0-ohm resister.  

 Any hints on how to set the control regs to get a periodic data-ready interrupt out of the device?