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STM32 SPI DMA for External SPI DAC

Question asked by ferrario.fabio.777 on Jan 25, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2014 by Femol

I am trying to sample some data using DMA and the internal ADC and send the same data , still using DMA to an external DAC using the SPI Internface, through an optoisolation barrier.
It all works great, I need 1MS/s  and this is not a problem.

Still I need to qualify the data using a NSS line and TI Mode works fine, but the lack of wait states makes my task hard.

The NSS is released on the 14th byte and re-issued on the 15th. Most of the DACs (I have been using DAC8311 for a while) need some time between the sync signal and the new data, so the NSS line needs to be inactive for a while between the subsequent data.

I could not find any suitable DAC.

Is the interface not suitable for such a task or am I missing something?