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Hall sensor(TIM3) fails to control TIM1 for motor controll

Question asked by klimavicius.laur.001 on Jan 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2014 by klimavicius.laur.001

I most likely miss something, maybe anyone can get me on the right way. I'm using code from here as reference, in function BLDCMotorPrepareCommutation() I have placed some trace(blinking leds according to hall values read), that part seems to be working well, but at the TIM1 outputs I get 1st position I detect on interupt and after that is isn't changing.

Basically tracing leds which are switching inside that function does switch as predicted - showing value I read from hall sensors. TIM1 outputs changes only once - after reset.

I think it might be something with not loading shadow registers to real ones. how to confirm-solve this little issue?

Current application is just simple PMSM motor spin up.

Thank you in advance,