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Access viloation (IACCVIOL) when entering Sleep Mode (STM32L)

Question asked by ampa on Jan 24, 2014
Hi to all,

I am porting a project from the IAR-STM32L152VB-SK to a home made prototype for a new project. The prototype is having a STM32L151VD (high density) so I made sure that the preprocessor macro is STM32L1XX_HD, and the same for the startup .s file is the hd one too.
My problem is that I am getting Instruction access violation flag (IACCVIOL)  Forced hard fault when I am calling PWR_EnterSleepMode( PWR_Regulator_LowPower, PWR_SLEEPEntry_WFI ) for the first time. The code is the same and it works fine in the IAR kickstart board.
I would appreciate it if anyone has got a clue on where to look for troubleshooting this...