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STM32F439 incorrect NAND ID read

Question asked by Jasper298 on Jan 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2014 by Rygel.Troy1818

I'm using a STM32F439 with the MT29F2G08 NAND from Micron. When I read the NAND ID on Address 0x20, I receive the correct ONFI codes. When I Read the ID on address 0x00, I read the correct Maker ID, but the following bytes are incorrect. I expect the following Byte values:
Byte0 should be 0x2C and i read also 0x2C. That one is fine
Byte1 should be 0xDA and i read 0x01
Byte2 should be 0x90 and i read 0x02
Byte3 should be 0x95 and i read 0x03
Byte4 should be 0x86 and i read 0x00

Does anybody have the same problem before?