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FSMC Burst

Question asked by avelino.renato on Jan 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2014 by Rygel.Troy1818
Hello, everyone!

I'm trying to use the FSMC synchronous burst mode on a STM32F407 and I'm not sure how to activate the burst. Whenever I write a 16 bit word in the Bank, the chip generates 4 clocks for the address and one clock for the data. I want to transmit 360 words in a single burst (only 4 clocks for the address and another 360 clocks for the data).
So far, the only way I found to transmit more than 1 word in a burst is using the DMA burst, but it's limited to 128 bits (because of the FIFO). Therefore, I can only transmit 8 words in a burst, using 12 clocks. So each 8 words uses 12 clocks, resulting in 540 clocks. If I could use one burst for the 360 words, it would only take 364 clocks.

Does anyone know how to generate a FSMC burst transfer with more than 8 words?

Thanks in advance.