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USB: High Speed core with embedded phy

Question asked by mark.s on Jan 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2014 by mark.s

From reading the documentation, I gathered that it is possible to use the high speed core with the embedded full speed phy. I understand that I'd be limited to full speed with this setup but I believe that with the high speed core I get the benefit of DMA access?

I'm currently using the stm32f4 discovery board but will soon be switching to a dedicated target board. In a discovery board example the usb_bsp.c file notes that on the discovery board only the FS core is supported.

I now a little confused:
1) Why is the HS core (an internal peripheral) not supported on the discovery board?
2) Is it possible to even connect the HS core to the embedded FS phy
3) If so, is it even worth bothering to use this implementation? (note that we are intending to get as high a data rate as possible out of the FS connection while minimising CPU load)

Lastly, as a minimum we need to achieve at least continual 2Mb/s using either CDC (virtual COM port) or USB Test and Measurement Class (USBTMC)

any help would be greatly appreciated.