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Determine how 'busy' cpu is?

Question asked by mitchell.jeff on Jan 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2014 by Brutte
I'm on an STM32 F2, but a generic idea would be ideal :)

Is there any way to get a high level 'reasonably' accurate idea of how busy the cpu? Given the variety of peripherals and so on I'm sure its quite a challenge if doable at all to get an accurate idea, but for my purposes I'd just like an idea of how effective some optimizations are. (and by 'busy', I mean, in terms of available cpu cycles to do some manual work, not 'busy' as in terms of how many peripherals are active at once, etc)

ie: Say your'e doing a full memcpy sort of operation in pure C or ASM code, versus firing up a DMA to do it. If you perforn this optimization, it'd be nice to see a 'cpu is 90% busy' down to 'cpu is 40% busy' sort of test be doable.