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Issue with MSC+CDC under Linux with multiple LUNs

Question asked by krutecki on Jan 20, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2014 by krutecki
Hi guys

I`m working on MSC+CDC+HID on STM32F415 using USB HS. It`s working well under Windows and Mac. But under Linux I can see only first LUN. The rest is ok. One LUN is always available, second is password protected. Multiple LUN works on Linux if only MSC is used or MSC+HID. Issue is only in MDC+CDC (regardless if HID is enabled).

Is there know issue in Linux? I have checked Debian, Ubuntu, OpenWRT and Fedora. Multiple LUN in kernel is enabled. So it`s Linux related or a bug in my code.

My suspect is the USB IAD composite device (CDC required it), it may be an issue. Or my code has a bug (which I`m still investigating). What I see in my code is that Linux is performing one SCSI inquiry command for LUN0. Windows and Mac call this command few times, for each LUN. Those I`m still investigating it...

Maybe someone who has MSC+CDC on STM32F4 working can check it if his implementation works on Linux with more than one LUN (just add one LUN and Linux dmesg command should report it)?