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flash CRC integrity

Question asked by p.klemen on Jan 15, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2014 by p.klemen

I know this has been discussed before, but reading through it all, I am still unable to grasp the solution of my problem:

What I am trying to do is check the integrity of the flash (code) on the STM32L1xx chip at startup. Since I need to calculate the CRC only at startup, I have decided not to use the built in CRC peripheral (mostly because of the 4 bytes step). So instead I used 1 byte step CRC with lookup table using the same polynomial (reversed actually, i.e. 0xEDB88320) to calculate the CRC of the .hex file.

Now, I am trying to insert the calculated CRC in the .hex file to upload it to stm32 and perform the check.

My questions are:

1.)  How can I insert the CRC to a specific address, so that I will be able to access the same address via the code/function in the program? Can I do it simply in a hex editor?

2.) The flash address (default) begins at 0x08000000 and ends  at 0x0801FFFF. My code is shorter. How can I calculate the CRC only for the code portion and not the entire flash at runtime? If I calculate the CRC for the entire flash it would be different right?

I was thinking about moving the flash start address for 4 bytes forward and write the CRC in the blank spot, so the address would be known.

Any suggestions please?

Thank you and best regards,