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USB OTG HS Host in Mode FS internal PHY and USB OTG FS Device

Question asked by bompart.romy on Jan 15, 2014
Latest reply on May 21, 2018 by Khouloud G
I´m trying to use the STM32F407 as Host and Device simultaneously, my hardware configuration is the following:

-PA12, PA11, PA9 OTG FS as a Device 
- PB14, PB15 OTG HS as a Host with Embedded PHY 

If I define the preprocessor symbols: 


The USB works ok as a Host, and the Device goes on and off, It seems that it is going to work but at the end the computer doesn't recognize it. 

Also, I have tested defining just the preprocessor macro USE_USB_OTG_FS, and in this case the USB works well as a Device. I believe that the library is only implemented to work in HS or FS Mode

So, this is my question, Does any body has implemented USB as a device and host simultaneously using separated peripheral ? I mean i want to use the HS as Host with no external PHY and the FS as a Device.