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Can STM32F103 make i2s output 192Khz/24Bits ?

Question asked by sdgfdsg_sdgfds.fdsaf on Jan 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2014 by waclawek.jan
Hi all
I need to make an I2S 192Khz/ 24 Bits and purpose use STM32F103. I read STM32F103 data sheet (RM0008) , they said that STM32F103 not support I2S 192Khz.  But in this datasheet, i also see in page (704/1096):

When the master clock is disabled (MCKOE bit cleared)
FS= I2SxCLK / [(32*2)*((2*I2SDIV)+ODD))] when the channel frame is 32-bit wide.

So i think i can make I2S 192Khz/24Bits follow this way below, please help to review, Is this way ok ?
1. Fs = 24.576 Mhz / 128 = 192 Khz ( DIV=1, odd =0 )
2. Do not generate MCK master clock.
3. Use MCO as an MCK ( page 90/1096).

If my first way is not ok . Can i use I2S as an slave , all clock is input and can i run 192Khz/24 bits in I2S slave ?