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STM32F405 (64 pin) device configuration question

Question asked by martin on Jan 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2014 by martin

I'm new to the STM32 processors and I'm using the Microexplorer tool to figure out the pin and device assignment. Unfortunately it seems like it isn't possible to activate an additional timer, which I need to generate a clock which is fed back into the SPI2 and SPI3 clock inputs. The timer should also support DMA request generation. 

The devices I utilize are:
USB: FS device
USART: USART1 & USART3 in async mode
I2C: I2C1
SPI1: Full dp master with NSS
SPI2 & SPI3: Tx slave only unidirectional
TIM5: 4 x PWM output (using output-compare)
TIM8, TIM12: PWM input (using capture-compare)
ADC: ADC1_IN10 and ADC1_IN11 are used
+ 3x GPIO output + 1x GPIO input

Why is not possible to use TIM1 in output-compare mode on PA8 (TIM1_CH1)?  Microexplorer tells me that there is a conflict OTG_FS, SPI1 and SPI2. Where does this conflict come from? Is it not possible to only use a single output pin (CH1) of the timer?

I attached the Microexplorer configuration. It would be great if someone could explain why this device conflict occurs.