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Minimum circuit for bare STM32 F2 lqfp64?

Question asked by mitchell.jeff on Jan 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2014 by mitchell.jeff
I don't have one of the discovery boards (I know, I know ;), just a small stack of F205 chips.

I'm breadboarding one up so I can get a handle around it, and having trouble identifying the minimum circuit needed for it to run and program via ST LInk v2. (ie: Analogy to an avr .. with an avr, you just need a cap on each side, and the 4 power points, and the ISP pins and your'e good to go.)

With the st-link v2, theres the jtag 20pin cable; in the data sheet for that, theres a half dozen lines of interest.. a bunch of GND's, and 4 or 5 lines for jtag signal (TDI, TDO, etc.)

For the basic 64pin F2 chip, the datasheet notes I think.. 4 Vdd's, and 2 GNDs. (There was 2 that looked optional, I will check those.)  So I've got the 6 power points on the chip, pluis 4 JTAG lines from the cable into the chip, plus the cable has an assortment of GND and Vdd.

Is that sufficient? I shoudln't need a crystal or oscilator, or anythign else to get up and going?

I'll check, probably need some caps on the power lines to keep it stable.

Pull up or reset, will check.

Anything else? Shoudl it be only a half dozen pins to bring the chip alive and do basic read-flasg from st-link tool? Or is there more?

Any 'minimim circuit' schematics? blinking led only schematics?

Most google hits turn up the discovery boards or complex circuits; I want the absolute minimum circuit for the chip to be alive, and then will build up from there..

Any help is very much appreciated :)