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Read RTC wakeup timer register on STM32L151

Question asked by cris.greg on Jan 8, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2016 by martin.kenneth
Hi Everybody,

I am using the RTC WakeUp Timer while in Stop mode. 
The MCU can either leave the Stop mode at the end of the timer, or on an external IRQ. At this level, everything is working perfectly.

However, when the MCU is awaken from the external IRQ, I want to read the value of the RTC WakeUp Timer register (RTC_WUTR) and this is not working.
The register RTC_WUTR always return the value it is set to, but not its current value.

I know the RTC WakeUp Timer is running but the register does not seems to update itself.

Is there anything specific that needs to be done to read this register? Is it possible it is somehow read protected?

Thanks in advance for your help!