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FatFS SD wont initialize

Question asked by MrStive on Jan 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2014 by MrStive
Hi All,
I'm having problems with getting my 2Gb Micro SD card to initialize.

From deubgging, I have found the problem occurs in the FindSCR(RCA, scr) function called within SDEnWideBus(FunctionalState NewState).

Specifically the errorstatus returns 'SD_CMD_RSP_TIMEOUT' when the following code is run

  /*!< Send CMD55 APP_CMD with argument as card's RCA */
  SDIO_CmdInitStructure.SDIO_Argument = (uint32_t) RCA << 16;
  SDIO_CmdInitStructure.SDIO_CmdIndex = SD_CMD_APP_CMD;
  SDIO_CmdInitStructure.SDIO_Response = SDIO_Response_Short;
  SDIO_CmdInitStructure.SDIO_Wait = SDIO_Wait_No;
  SDIO_CmdInitStructure.SDIO_CPSM = SDIO_CPSM_Enable;

  errorstatus = CmdResp1Error(SD_CMD_APP_CMD);

Any thoughts on why this would be so?
Thanks for your help in advance!