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Does STM32L100RC have opamps?

Question asked by Piper Warrior on Dec 27, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2013 by Andrew Neil

I'm posting for the first time here.

Does STM32L100RC have opamps?

I'm asking this because I am finding conflicting information:

When I go to:

and click on "2" and "3" under "Integrated op-amps", STM32L100RC shows up.

When I click on STM32L100RC in the product selector above, I am taken to the product page, which does not mention op amps under "Analog peripherals".

When I download the PDF datasheet (not the reference manual), the list of features on the first page of the datasheet does not mention op amps either.  However, when I look at the pin descriptions in the same datasheet, I do find OPAMP1_VINP and its friends mentioned.

I'm confused.  If somebody could clarify this, that would be greatly appreciated.