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No target connected on STM32F373CB

Question asked by Niks on Dec 24, 2013
As m a newbie to STM32 need help on following:

I am using ST-Link from STM32F0 discovery board (jumpers removed as provided in PDF), for connection with STM32F373xx .

SWD(on F0)                     PINS ON MCU(STM32F373CB)
1                                           Connected to VDD_1(pin no 48)
2                                           SWCLK (pin no 37)
3                                           GND(pin no 47)
4                                            SWDIO (pin no 34)
5                                            NRST

while VDD_1, VDD_2 and VDDA are connected to 3V of F0 BOARD.

It shows "No Target Connected".(Settings of SW in the IDE are done and selected STLINK Debugger)