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Standalone STM32L152CC guidance

Question asked by p.klemen on Dec 20, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2014 by p.klemen

I will be making (or trying to make) my own custom board with STM32L152CC (LFP48 package).
I have successfully implemented my application on the STM32L152RC Discovery board using:

 - 3 GPIO pins for PWM
 - 2 GPIO pins for I2C
 - 2 GPIO pins for USART
 - also using the LSE (32.768 kHz) for RTC Time structure to get the current time values from the register and the HSI (16 MHz) clock.

Since this is my first time making my own board using the ARM processor, I have some questions regarding this:

1. What determines the AHB, APB1, APB2 clocks (from 0 to 32 MHz)?

2. A silly question probably, but I have some calculations on the chip - how do I know that it uses 32 MHz clock. When I configure the HSI clock (16 MHz), how do I configure the HCLK to be 32MHz? It can be either 16 or 32 MHz according to the datasheet.

3. The chip I will be using comes with a bootloader, so that I should be able to program it via the Rx and Tx lines. How  do I configure correctly to enable/disable booting from the bootloader (on which pins do I need to connect the jumper/switch)?

Thank you very much for any help.

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