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Looking for CPAL_I2C_Listen() for STM32F050

Question asked by park.hyunwoo on Dec 16, 2013
I'm trying to use CPAL for STM32F050G6 which will work for I2C slave. So I had a plan to use CPAL_I2C_Listen().
But I can't find this API. It can be found in other MCU's CPALs(v1, v2) and in User's Guide of CPAL v2(UM1566 v1.1)
What I'm referencing is STM32F0 standard peripheral library ver 1.2.0(STSW-STM32048) which has CPAL sources and examples. It didn't have CPAL_I2C_Listen() and TwoBoard_listen_mode example.
Documents and softwares are not match.