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Unable to transmit 1Mbytes in 1 second through STM3240G-EVAL USB Hi-Speed Port

Question asked by p.jagdish on Dec 6, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2013 by p.jagdish
I am trying USB hi-speed virtual com port example on STM3240G-EVAL board. I am using the USB device library from ST. Primary stage of data exchange between development board and PC over USB Hi speed port is achieved. Further as per my application's need, what I am trying to achieve is "transmitting 1 Mbytes in 1 second from dev board to PC". But unable to achieve this. When I am capturing the data I observe that it takes approximately 8 seconds to transmit 1Mbytes.
Kindly guide me to resolve this issue. Also do let me know if any you more details are needed.