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stm32f405 random hard, usage, bus ore memory-fault

Question asked by sebbo on Dec 5, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2014 by DeLe
Hey there,

Our problem is that we get random faults (memory, bus or usage)!
The handlers are calling sporadically between 10s to some hours! But we have also pcb’s without any issues!

We are using a custom environment with a STM32F405ZGT and an external PSRAM!

From software side we have the Keil os without micro lib (due to usage of a cpp library)
We are using excessive dynamic memory but only in external RAM! All other RAM access goes to internal one.
A further interface we are using in a high priority is the SPI2 interface with DMA functionality!

If we stop in an error handler, we recognize invalid addresses in pc (like: 0xE0C001E0; 0x804AED2; 0xFFFFFFFE; 0x46604630 or 0x00000000)

Does anybody have an idea?