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CAN bootloader's Write Unprotect command doesn't work

Question asked by Charles M. on Dec 3, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2013 by Charles M.
Hi All,

I need help on the following two questions. Thanks for your inputs.

1. The Write Unprotect command described in the application note "AN3154 CAN protocol used in STM32 bootloader" doesn't work at all. Is there any other method to disable all write protection on the whole flash memory?

Here are the steps I was taking: I first enabled write protection on a few sectors using command 0x63. After a system reset, I tried to issue 0x73 command to disable write protection. The device responded with the correct acknowledgement, but those sectors were still write protected.

2. After those sector have been write-protected, I tried to erase the whole chip using Keil IDE, but it failed. My second question is how I can disable write protection under Keil?