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New Raisonance Software Release for STM32

Question asked by GUSSENHOVEN.Steve on Dec 2, 2013
For EvoPrimer, RLink, REva and Ride users,

New Raisonance software tool set for ARM is available supporting the following new STM32 variants:
  • STM32F401xB, STM32F401xC
  • STM32F030x4, STM32F030x6, STM32F030x8, STM32F031x4, STM32F031x6
  • STM32F072x8, STM32F072xB, STM32F078x8, STM32F078xB
  • STM32L100x6, STM32L100x8, STM32L100xB, STM32L100xC
Users can download from the Raisonance support web site: