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STM32429I-EVAL camera not working

Question asked by turcanu.daniel on Dec 2, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2015 by may.maximilian
I am trying to use the camera on STM32429I-EVAL, but cannot make it work.
I took some code from Std-Periphs 1.3.0 which should demo the camera for 437, adapted it to start the camera on my board, but still cannot make it work.
The camera (OV2640) starts fine, gets initialized, but doesn't send the proper VSYNC signal. It is always kept 0. The PCLK and data look fine.
I didn't bother to verify the initialization values for OV 2640, I assume that if they worked for the 437I board, they should work for 429I. Or maybe the camera clock changed in the new board? I couldn't find the value for the camera clock in the User Manual.
So did anyone manage to use this camera?