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Elm Chan FatFS problem - fs (Type: FATFS) only contains zero values

Question asked by menecken on Nov 29, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2014 by n.satish

Hey everybody,

I'm having a hard time figuring out what the problem is. SPI seems to be working, disk_initialize(0) returns FR_OK and f_mount(0,&fs) returns FR_OK as well.

Problem is, that when I call

f_open(&fin, "olimexino.txt", FA_WRITE | FA_OPEN_ALWAYS | FA_READ)

the returnvalue is FR_NO_FILESYSTEM. I tracked the origin of the error, and the problem occurs in the check_fs()-function at the following line

if (LD_WORD(&fs->win[BS_55AA]) != 0xAA55)

so 2 is returned.

The reason for this is, that every value in the fs-pointer is zero.

I feel like I forgot some kind of initialization? But I wasn't able to figure out why this happens exactly. I had FatFS up & running on other systems just fine. In this application I'm using a STM32F103BG (part of Olimexino-STM32)

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you very much in advance