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UART boot loader of STM32L151R8T6 problem

Question asked by barkvall.jens.001 on Nov 29, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2013 by Clive One

I want to verify the UART boot loader of STM32L151R8T6 using the following procedure:
1. Put device into reset (NRST -> GND)
2. Set BOOT0 -> 2.7V & BOOT1 -> 0 V (-> System memory (boot loader))
3. Set VDD -> 2.7 V
4. Connecting GND, UART_TX1 and UART_RX1 to host UART cable
5. Release reset
6. STMFlashLoader.exe -c --pn 11 --br 115200 --to 5000 -i STM32L_Med-density-64K -p --drp -d --fn fw.hex --v

Output on console:
Opening Port                             [OK]
Activating device                                [OK]
disabling read protection                                [KO]


downloading      page 0          @0x  8000000    size 0.25(KB)   [KO]
The flash may be read protected; use -p --drp to disable write protection.

 Press any key to continue ...

I always get a fail [KO] on the drp. No problem at all to use jlink.exe or program/debug using IAR.


If I skip the drp switch it will still fail on downloading phase.


Any hints?