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STM32f0 Modulated Timer PWM

Question asked by schnell.daniel on Nov 24, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2013 by schnell.daniel

I am playing around with the STM32f0 discovery board. The timers are very powerful but the reference manual is quite rough about some interesting aspects of those and I have a hard time figuring how to achieve my goal.

I am trying to generate 2 different PWM's for modulating bit patterns. Base frequency is the same, only duty cycle differs. I know how to generate these "stand alone" on two different pins, but I want to use only one pin that changes its PWM according to the actual bit value.
Bit value 1 would modulate pwm1 and bit value 0 pwm2.

To add some more complexity I'd like to use (somehow) DMA to load the next waveform automatically to the timer without interrupt intervention, so I could let STM32 do this automatically without burdening CPU with high interrupt load.

If I would use some external logic I would connect the two PWM's to a multiplexer and modulate it via SPI with the bit patterns to choose either PWM1 or PWM2.

But is this possible with built-in means of the STM32f0, maybe with help of the comparator ?