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Init a simple timer, get his counter value, reset it

Question asked by prieur.jean on Nov 19, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2013 by prieur.jean

I want to initialize a timer which will serve to count the time between two actions. For example, counting the time between two button press.

So the timer have to count in a loop. Each time I press a button I have get the value of the counter timer and reset this counter. Very simple operation.

I do not find any example to achieve this... I try several modes but I don't know how to configure the timer (like in capture mode). 

This is my working code:
TIM_TimeBaseInitTypeDef  TIM_InitStruct;
void TIM_Config(void){
    /* The timer for the frequency between two button press calculation */
    RCC_APB1PeriphClockCmd(RCC_APB1Periph_TIM5, ENABLE);
    TIM_InitStruct.TIM_Prescaler = 84 - 1;                  // This will configure the clock to 1 MHz
    TIM_InitStruct.TIM_CounterMode = TIM_CounterMode_Up;    // Count-up timer mode
    TIM_InitStruct.TIM_Period = 3000000 - 1;                   // This is the value of the loop = 3 seconds
    TIM_InitStruct.TIM_ClockDivision = TIM_CKD_DIV1;        // Divide clock by 1
    TIM_InitStruct.TIM_RepetitionCounter = 0;               // Set to 0, not used
    TIM_TimeBaseInit(TIM5, &TIM_InitStruct);
    /* TIM5 enable counter */
    TIM_Cmd(TIM5, ENABLE);
    TIM_ITConfig(TIM5, TIM_IT_CC1, ENABLE); // Interrupt config
void EnableTimerInterrupt(void)
    NVIC_InitTypeDef nvicStructure5;
    nvicStructure5.NVIC_IRQChannel = TIM5_IRQn;
    nvicStructure5.NVIC_IRQChannelPreemptionPriority = 5;
    nvicStructure5.NVIC_IRQChannelSubPriority = 0x00;
    nvicStructure5.NVIC_IRQChannelCmd = ENABLE;
/* TIM 5 interrupt : activated each time the counter timer go to 3000000 */
void TIM5_IRQHandler(void){
    //if interrupt happens the do this
    if(TIM_GetITStatus(TIM5, TIM_IT_Update) != RESET){
        //clear interrupt and start counting again to get precise freq
        TIM_ClearITPendingBit(TIM5, TIM_IT_Update);

What is the best way to know the counter value of TIM5 ? And reset TIM5 ?

Thanks !