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Hardware port fault

Question asked by jjTronix on Nov 17, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2014 by vagelis.vagelis

I have esperiencing port hardware fault in my prototype. I want to say exactly that the port doesn't work.

One of th ethings that happend to my device few month ago is that the port PA0 doesn't write anything if I say to the port to write "1" or "0"
Always is "0" level.

This is not something related to the software, I think so, just becaues in other device works perfectly. This only happen in this device, this is the reason
why I think that is a port hardware fault. The hardware connected to the port is a resistor of 1k5 and a amber led. Th eport is configured with the PWM to generated
le blinking. Well one of the prototype doesn't work, led alway off. but if I test the software in other prototype it work perfectly.

¿There is a way to know if the port is broken?, ¿Can be related to some changes during debugging?

When it happend I suppose that maybe I made a short with some VDD pins, but if you put 3.3v to an output pin it broke? mmmm.
This is the GPIO port configuration:

    GPIO_InitStructure.GPIO_Mode = GPIO_Mode_AF_PP;          // Alt Function - Push Pull

The reason why I'm asking that is because in other prototype the SPI (MOSI) is not working, I can test and no signal is present, but Clock signal is OK, the slave doesn't respond
due to teh lack of signal of the master.

And here is the same circunstance, the comunication with the external EPROM work perfectly in other device, but not in this.

The port I'm using is PB15 (5 volts tolerant).

I don't know why the port doesn't work, but it seem that ports arfe not robust enought or there is something that I can not understand.

Any idea?

Any help will be wellcome. If need more information it would be a pleasure for me to give it.

Thanks in advance.