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STM32F107 CAN bootloader many faulty messages

Question asked by tannert.sebastian on Nov 15, 2013
Latest reply on May 7, 2016 by riabovas.justas
The native CAN bootloader of STM32F107, revision Z, date code 244,
produces many faulty messages. Peak CAN controller to communicate
with the bootloader via CAN reports various errors as RX frame, TX frame errors, etc.
The general working scheme as described in the CAN bootloader app note works,
however accessing the CPU is not really working due to the massive bus faults.
Any hardware issues are ruled out since the identical CPU with the identical hardware
works while using own software running on the STM32F107 to communicate over the CAN bus.
Also using the speed command (ID=0x03) does not help.
Is there any other solution to solve this issue than writing our own CAN bootloader?
CAN bus is a must in our application.
The built in bootloader would be very handy since it can't be destroyed.

Any help very appreciated.
Best regards,