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Help with SPBT2632 Bluetooth module

Question asked by Wapers on Nov 14, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2013 by Clive One
I plan to use an UART interface to communicate with my bluetooth module and I plan to wire the RTS, CTS, RX and TX pins to my uC, and until the components arrive, I would like to build some code to test it.

SPBT2632 Bluetooth datasheet mentions to leave unused pins not grounded, disconnected, my question is that if I wire the those four pins , will I still be able to communicate with my Bluetooth with an UART configured with hardware control = none, RTS and CTS wired but not functional? This is for testing purposes.

I would also appreciate some directions regarding AT2 commands through an UART interface, from the information I have gathered I believe it should be something along these lines:

For example, for AT2 command EnableBond:

send_data("AT+AB EnableBond");

Where send_data is a function which calls the USART_SendData() and checks the appropiate transmission flag. What troubles me is the correct syntax of the parameter I should give to send_data to make it recognizable for the Bluetooth as a AT2 command.

Thanks in advance!