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STM32F427 HardFault

Question asked by jens.joern on Nov 13, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2013 by fm

The original program was tested on STM32F407ZG MCU, but I need to have it running on a STM32F427ZI.

On the 407 the code was running fine, but when I start the debugger with the new modified program it stops at
"HardFault_Hadler() at stm32f4xx_it.c:64 0x800042A"
"<signal handler called> () at 0xfffffff9"
"__libc_init_array() at 0x80017ce"

I have reduced the code to a minimum (only initialising rcc and gpio) and to toggle an LED, but still getting this error.

I am using Atollic Truestudio Pro 4.2.0 and have already changed the ID file to "STM32F427ZI.Id", changed the compiler settings and modified startup file and stm32f4xx.h to match the new contoller.

Any idea what might cause this?