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USB class implementation - MIDI interface

Question asked by Reupri.Alban on Nov 13, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2013 by Reupri.Alban
Hello everybody !

I'm new here. I'm a musician, I code for 1 year on STM32 for the fun. My project is to create a MIDI controller based on STM32F4discovery (MIDI is a protocol created to allow musical instruments communication). I already program the code for the MIDI UART interface but the speed is quite limited and now I want to implement USB-MIDI, a popular protocol.

So I want to send my MIDI packet (usually composed of 3 bytes) through the USB, and I also want my board to be recognized as a MIDI device. I have only one MIDI IN port IN and one MIDI port OUT.

I try to understand on the internet how to achieve this but my problem is I don't know anything about USB librairies.

Once I add the USB lib "STM32_USB_Device_Library" to my project, I don't find where I have to make changes in the source code (declaring 'input/output jacks', "bulk endpoints", "protocol over endpoints", ...) to implement the USB-MIDI.

Do you know which files of the USB library I have to modify to create a recognized USB-MIDI peripherals ? Thanks for your help !!

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