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Flash loader demonstrator fail part way through download

Question asked by Sheludko.Dave on Nov 13, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2013 by Clive One
Hi all,

I'm trying to test the system bootloader on an STM32F417 to download a .bin file into flash memory using the STM32F4G-EVAL board. After setting the boot pins as per AN2606 (BOOT0 = 1, BOOT1 = 0) I reset and can connect to the MCU using the ST flash loader demonstrator program over USART.

I follow the procedure in the demonstrator manual (UM0462) and the download begins, but typically reports "FAIL: Unable to download data" after somewhere between 4-12KBytes of the download.

I have tried removing read and write protection prior to the download, and manually erasing the flash first, but although those operations complete successfully, the download still fails after a few KB. I have tried with two different .bin files (both of which load fine using ST-Link) and also tried the .hex version just in case, but still no change. Dropping the Baud rate also has no effect (aside from slower transfer rate).

The COM port and cable appear to work fine (I use them in my applications without problems).

Can anyone suggest what might be causing this to fail mid-download and/or a possible resolution? 

Thanks in advance.