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accuracy of EXTI

Question asked by ml.michal on Nov 12, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2013 by ml.michal
Hi all, 

i'm using STM32F417 at 168MHz, and i would like to synchronize "while" cycle with totally 4 instructions with 6 time cycles (for example: ldr ldr tst bne) with 28MHz signal on PF8, 
so i configured EXTI with IRQ on NVIC with no other IRQs in use, 
i configured EXTI_Line8 to raise interrupt on Rising edge, but it seems that IRQ is raised asynchronously :-( 
once i'm getting array with 1s and other time i'm geeting zeroes, it's not always zeroes or ones, 
is there some hidden delay in EXTI irq ? 

Kind regards,