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flash readback protection

Question asked by carter.bob on Nov 12, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2013 by Jack Peacock

Hi Forum,

I need to implement is flash readback protection. I have a couple of questions....

1...Can I enable this on the STM32f051in software or does it have to be set in the programming tools? I'm using Keil uVision. It would be preferable if I could set this in software as we will be shipping a lot of these units and if we only had to program the binary, it would make production easier and it would stop any units getting out without protection.

2...Once Flash Readback protection is enabled, can I still use the uVision bugger. Is the board bricked as far as using the debugger on it again, or can I reflash again.

3...How can I verify if protection is enabled. Will uVision display this?

Apologies for these questions, but I want to make sure that this stage is correct before we go to production.

Bob Carter