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Is SDIO >4 GB issue fixed in the latest library?

Question asked by Wapers on Nov 10, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2013 by Wapers
Hello ST Community,

I plan to connect a uSD card with my STM32F207 using the SDIO 4 bit bus interface and Chan's FATFS. Searching on the forums I've encountered a few problems with the code provided in the Standard Peripherals Library regarding the incompability with >4 GB cards, however these problems were reported on 2011 and the latest code dates from March 2012 as shown here:

  * @file    stm322xg_eval_sdio_sd.c
  * @author  MCD Application Team
  * @version V5.0.3
  * @date    09-March-2012
  * @brief   This file provides a set of functions needed to manage the SDIO SD
  *          Card memory mounted on STM322xG-EVAL evaluation board.

At the moment I can't test this with hardware so I've been lurking the code for a while and I haven't found anything that suggests me this bug has been fixed. Before attempting to fix it myself I would like to ask if I missed something and the bug is really fixed, because it seems a bit odd to me that this issue hasn't been resolved when it has been reported a year prior to it's release, and I've also checked the release notes and I haven't found anything other than the generic 'Bug Fixes' statement.

Thanks in advance!